White is white, right?

Unfortunately, picking the right white paint can be an unforeseen challenge.  Except for stark white (get out your sunglasses!), all whites have undertones of blue, yellow or red and each of these can give your room a very different personality.  For a warmer, cozier feel, try whites with a hint of yellow.  For a crisp, modern look, choose a white with a subtle blue or green undertone. Of course, it’s not that simple.  Natural light also plays a key role in any paint color's appearance. Rooms with a northern exposure take on a bluer natural light, so white paint with a cool undertone can make your space feel cold and dingy.  In this case, choose a warmer white to soften the light and brighten the space.   Whites with cool undertones (blue or green) work well in a bright, well-lit space and can create a clean, contemporary look.  My best advice is to always paint a 2’ x 2’ sample on each wall of the room and see how it looks at different times throughout the day.  You’ll be amazed how the same color will vary greatly from room to room and even wall to wall. Some of my designer picks for versatile whites….Benjamin Moore’s White Dove, Simply White and White Wisp, or Farrow & Ball’s Wimborne White.